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How Does Host Work

Why is Host dry extraction cleaning so effective?

Carpet is an important part of how people see your entire facility – when your carpet is clean, everything else looks better.

But too often, carpet cleaning is delayed to avoid the long drying time and long shut down periods - that’s where the beauty of the Host dry extraction system lies!

With Host, carpet cleaning becomes routine, not a specialist project. Because Host is a dry cleaning process, your carpets are back in service as soon as the cleaning is done.

How does the Host system work?

1 The unique combined brushing and vacuuming system removes the dry soil right down to the carpet backing.
2 The low moisture cleaning technology integrates a controlled amount of safe cleaning ingredients suspended in a soft absorbent organic fibre called Host Sponges. The chemistry then dissolves and absorbs the soiling along with the spots and spills.
3 The Liberator and Freestyle machines are then used to brush this natural, environmentally friendly product through the carpet.
4 Whilst the carpet is being cleaned the brushes give a powerful pile lifting action and the high pressure vacuum unit in the machine removes the soil laden particles of Host.
Host Sponge

Did you know that you can use Host on grouted tiled floors too?

You know the Host system is a simple and effective method for deep cleaning carpets, but did you know it can also be used to clean grouted tile floors?

It’s really easy and effective:

1 Place red grout brushes on the Host machine
2 Apply Host Sponges to the area to be cleaned
3 Brush with the Host machine as you would do on carpet
4 Vacuum up the dirty Host Sponges
5 The grouting is clean and virtually dry

Ready to enjoy the power of the Host deep cleaning system for carpets and upholstery?  Then contact us today for the best deals in the UK.

Are you ready for the expanding upholstery cleaning market?

The Aridex is great for cleaning all types of fabrics including velvet, cotton, jacquard weaves, tapestry, brocades and even leather upholstery.

  • Aridex Upholstery CleanerNo over wetting
  • No shrinkage
  • No sticky residue
  • Can see results immediately
  • Safe for most types of fabrics
  • Easy-to-use
  • Reduces setup, labour and downtime costs to a minimum
  • Furniture dry and back in service in minutes - not hours

This unique system is also ideal for cleaning fabric covered office partitions. 

How Aridex The Upholstery Low Moisture Cleaning System Works!

The Aridex machine gives upholstery the kindest treatment leaving it soft, fresh, importantly dry, and ready to use within a very short period. The Aridex thoroughly deep cleans using only 10% moisture - which only penetrates the fabric and not the backing materials. This unique system is housed in a single self-contained unit, which enables the operator to reduce setup, labour and downtime cost to a minimum.

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