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Why Buy a Host?

You can save money, time and labour!

Whether you’re a large company needing cleaning equipment for your own premises or a cleaning contractor needing the tools for your trade, the Host dry extraction cleaning system saves you money, time and effort.

You know Host offers you unbeatable cleaning power – but did you know that also we offer you the best deals?

Free Training and Technical Support

We'll also give you FREE training and unlimited technical support to make sure your system works for you – with over 30 years experience, we really know our stuff!

6 Reasons Why it’s Smarter to Lease!


100% Tax deductible
2 No initial capital outlay

Competitive low repayment plan

4 Improves cash-flow (spreads the payment cost)
5 Annual budget planning is made simple
6 Gives you immediate access to the latest technology – today!

With package deals starting from just £24.85 a week, leasing could be an extremely viable financial option for your business!

When you lease one of our amazing carpet or upholstery cleaning machines, you’ll get a great rate that suits you as well as all the technical support you need.

If you’d like to discuss your rental options, please contact us today to speak to one of our friendly advisors.

Seeing is believing!

Still not completely convinced?!  We know you will be amazed by the speed and effectiveness of this fantastic range of carpet and upholstery cleaning products – and we’ll be happy to demonstrate our claims.

Contact us today to arrange a free demonstration!

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